My Daughter

She’s one of the very Optimistic persons I know on earth.  She is very determined to work for what she’s been dreaming of.   And we are so proud of her.  She’s in college now and we fuel the fire of her optimism by supporting her morally and financially, as long and as far as we can.

We wish her happiness and good luck whilst executing her life’s journey.



My Winter Bucket List


[] Take a photo walk very early in the morning.
[] Build a snowman.
[] Skygazing at day time/night time.
[] Make a winter mood board.
[] Create something with paper; origami, snowflakes.
[] Finish the photo wall.
[] Soak in bath tub.
[] Decorate with winter blooms.
[] Look out and watch the falling snow.
[] Cook and invite friends.
[] Write a “Thank You” note.
[] Give sweets for my sweets.
[] Read/reread a book.
[] Start a journal.
[] Make a “one week without social media challenge”.