My Thoughts… They Wander…. 

This is my submission for this week’s photo challenge, a photo art, made of a selfie and a tree.  I’ve chosen this image because I can see and  still feel the state of my mind as I took the self portrait.  The twigs and branches of the tree represent my thoughts that are wandering in every directions.  I guess, this really fits to this challenge.  What do you think?

“Being crazy doesn’t mean being mentally challenged. Maybe it just means being you…amplified a 100 times over.” ~Mamur Mustapha


20 thoughts on “My Thoughts… They Wander…. ”

  1. All I have to say is… Wow! You have a very creative eye. I did something similar with the same basic thought in mind… but it was a splatter painting… and then when I photographed it with a self-portrait… I was kinda at a loss for how to explain it using the brevity which I prefer. So I just called it a “A Life Of Its Own” and let it go at that. But the painting and photograph was a result of the same type of thoughts you have expressed here. (

    I just think yours is more creative.


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