Hello Lovelies!

Welcome to the blog of Mary Jane where she shares glimpses of bits and pieces of her existence.

She’s a mother, a housewife and a cat mom.

She loves snapping pictures of everything that makes her smile.

She posts in her style with pleasure not with pressure.

Sunday Snapshots – This is all about the short trips or photo walks on Sundays with her family and friends or alone.

Monday Musings – Also about photo walks, relaxed coffee time at home or just making memories kind of thing.

Tuesday Tweets – Life quotes and other optimistic lines to ponder about.

Wordless Wednesday – A post without words is perfectly designed for her! She’s not good at conversations either written or verbal. That’s a fun fact about her – And she still keeps wondering why on earth she even is on WordPress!

Throwback Thursday – Sometimes she just wants to reminisce those happy moments and has the urge to flip through old photo albums or scroll up and down her phone’s photo archives.

Floral Friday – Well, who doesn’t love flowers?

SaturDIY – That was her plan but since she’s not a DIY-Lady, she’s not really posting about it.

Caturday – all about Mimi, her pet.

Before she created this blog, her daughter told her she’s too old for blogging. But she blogs anyway and she’s very grateful for having YOU as one of her visitors.

Keep shining, smile!

Updated: March 01, 2021

24 thoughts on “Hello Lovelies!

  1. Hi Jane… Lots of thanks for dropping by my site. And it’s great to meet you here. I’m looking forward to see more of what you will be sharing. Cheers!

  2. Hi, It is great, that you found my blog, and now I found do like yours. You do speak also german, as far as I see? Is it anywhere written where you live, I mean, in what country? If you can tell?
    Your, Giorgio

      1. In Berlin. Das ist aber spannend, denn die meisten der vielen schönen Bilder von Ihnen scheinen nicht in Deutschland zu sein. Ich dachte immer, Sie wären Amerikanerin?
        I live in Berlin. That´s interesting what you tell me, where you live. You have so many nice and beautiful photos I thought they were from the USA and I thought you were American?

      2. Oh, nein ich bin keine Amerkanerin… ich komme aus Asien (Philippinen). Ich blogge einfach in Englisch weil ich mache dann nicht zu viele Grammatikfehler! Sie können aber weiterhin mit mir in Deutsch schreiben… 😍

  3. Interessant und tief (deep) an Ihren Bildern finde ich, dass Sie einen internationalen Flair ausstrahlen, den ich als amerikanisch assoziiert habe, wahrscheinlich aber, weil Sie Englisch schreiben und ich in den Tagen meinen ersten viewer aus den USA hatte. Der Name “passionatelybored” bringt mich immer wieder zum nachdenken, da er ja ein Widerspruch in sich selbst ist, wenn ich das ins Deutsche übersetze: “mit einer ans schmerzhafte grenzenden Zuwendung (sprich: “leidenschaftlich”) genervt / gelangweilt.” Da kann man immer wieder drüber nachdenken, was das meint, bei jedem Ihrer Bilder. Da im Blogtitel aber “smiles” vorkommt, kann “passionatlyboared” aber wohl gar nicht so negativ gemeint sein…. Herzlich Giorgio aus Berlin

    1. Thank you so much for the time spent thinking about my blog name. It’s an oxymoron and I’ve chosen passionatelybored because I’m oftentimes bored and when that happens I always find myself taking picture of simple things that make me smile.
      Wish you a lovely day!
      ~mary jane

    1. Oh hello dear Ompong,
      I’ve just noticed this notification… sorry talaga ha but I’m not participating on this! Nakakahiya but one of the reasons is I’m very tamad! 😱
      Maraming salamat for the nomination, though, happy si ako! 😍
      Regards sa pamilya lalo na kay Misis ni Ompong
      ~mary jane

  4. Dear Jane,
    I like your blog very much and it is most important to me, that you found me as a quite new one to blog. I do not know, if you ever heard of the “Liebster Award”, a way to get bloggers to know each others blogs and get into a conversation. I nominated you for this award. I would be very happy, if you answered the question and brought this conversation onwards, by following the rules that come with the Libester award. Please, visit my site with the topic “Liebster Award”:
    Your have my answers in German there, but if you scroll down to the english part, you find the rules and the questions I would like to ask you. You answer them on YOUR SITe please! I would be VERY happy if you found the time!!
    Yours Giorgio.

    1. Dear Giorgione,

      I’m glad you like my blog very much. Though I’m not taking part of this kind of award I am always pleased to read this sort of notifications. It made me smile!

      Please don’t be upset/disappointed and please don’t think I’m rude or a snob… it’s just my personal choice!

      I’m already browsing some of the blogs you linked on your latest post and will continue reading the other blogs when I have enough time.

      As for now, I wish you a very lovely time with your family and friends. And enjoy the very nice weather we have at the moment.

      THANK YOU so much for the nomination and for mentioning my blog on your recent article.

      ~mary jane

  5. To be true, I AM a snob myself. I am not the least disappointed, because, I think the Liebster Award has two great disadvantages: It is not really an Award! And, what does it mean “liebster”, this is a German word, and it would mean, that you could nominate only one Blog, that you liked most. No, as I wrote on my answers, it was important to me to define myself as a blogger, this is why I took part in the liebster award. Otherwise, I am just, very, very happy to know you, and if you ever come to Berlin, PLEASE visit me and my wife on my (our) balcony!!! Yours, Giorgio.

  6. Guten tag und wie geht’s ( I don’t have much more German than that-oh just a bit more – konnen sie miir sagen wo ist Robert Wagner Strasse? Just something I used to learn from my phrase book when I was going to visit Germany!) Love your blog and thanks for stopping by mine! 😀

  7. You go girl!
    Nobody is too old to anything…. especially blogging. BLOGGING IS FOR EVERYBODY!. So keep on posting on your blog, keep on snapping the cameras and keep on uploading your photos… hopefully you might come up with which photography genre you are interested most….

  8. Thanks for following OMBH! I hope you find a smile or three when you visit!
    Now that I have your attention… how about having a look at my first collection of short stories… perfect to fill in the few leisure hours at your disposal!
    Great, thanks!!
    🇬🇧 http://amzn.eu/d/126zpL3

  9. Wow! Thank you Mary Jane for all the likes!!! You single-handedly smashed all of my stats records in one fell swoop! Today was my best day ever on my blog. Thank you!!!! You have made my day a very happy one. 🙂

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