Sunday Snapshots



means being flexible,

being open, allowing change,

enjoying change and loving yourself.

~Wendy Whelan

the big change in my life

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Hello Lovelies,


It’s the first day of the first month of the year, whilst everyone is starting a new journal or start reading a new book, I would just continue where I stopped.

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I would continue reading the books I haven’t finished yet.

I would continue trying to write something on my journal or on this blog.

I would continue loving everyone around me especially my hubby and my daughter. Oh, and my cat, as well.

And as far as you can see, I love the word “continue” today.

What’s your favorite word today?

Keep Shining… Smile!


Sunday Snapshots

Sunday Snapshots

Hello Lovelies,

I’m enjoying this life’s simple pleasure; taking pictures of my cup of tea whilst it’s still too hot to drink and of course, I’m taking into account this #teabagsqoutes.

Life takes place only in the present moment. ~unknown author

Every time I have the urge to shoot but too lazy to go out I just blend some pictures using my favorite app.

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I hope you like this one. And I’m wishing you a lovely now!

Keep Shining… Smile!