Is It ART?

Nighttime Wishes

shimmering stardusts,

falling gently above me…

a sheet of sweet dreams….



Hello Lovelies,


It’s the first day of the first month of the year, whilst everyone is starting a new journal or start reading a new book, I would just continue where I stopped.

#dubble by me & lisihka

I would continue reading the books I haven’t finished yet.

I would continue trying to write something on my journal or on this blog.

I would continue loving everyone around me especially my hubby and my daughter. Oh, and my cat, as well.

And as far as you can see, I love the word “continue” today.

What’s your favorite word today?

Keep Shining… Smile!



It’s All In My Head

Hello Lovelies,

Guten Rutsch!

And as we said goodbye to 2018 we’re at the same time reflecting about all the things that happened to us.

We are still breathing and alive that means we did everything right this year. And I’m grateful for that.

My plans for the upcoming year are already saved in my head.

So, bye for now but wait…

Do you have any new year’s resolutions?

Keep Shining… Smile!


Sunday Snapshots

Sunday Snapshots

Hello Lovelies,

I’m enjoying this life’s simple pleasure; taking pictures of my cup of tea whilst it’s still too hot to drink and of course, I’m taking into account this #teabagsqoutes.

Life takes place only in the present moment. ~unknown author

Every time I have the urge to shoot but too lazy to go out I just blend some pictures using my favorite app.

#dubble by passionatelybored & mann Made by @dubbleapp #dubbleapp #dubblewithme

I hope you like this one. And I’m wishing you a lovely now!

Keep Shining… Smile!