Sunday Snapshots 

Hello Lovelies,

I have found the light in such rainy… gray… day! 

The sun is gone,

but I have a light.

Kurt Cobain

Keep Shining… Smile!
Mary Jane


Oh, Pedestrians!

Hello Lovelies,

These pictures always make me smile and I guess, these are the right picks for this week’s photo challenge.

I was amused looking at those two lovebirds walking as if they own the world.  

And I really admired the coolness of the driver.  He was driving the bus at walking speed, very patiently.  He did not even honk.  Okay, I’m in Germany, honking is not allowed here unless someone is in danger! ­čśë

I hope you enjoy my photo essay.

Keep Shining… Smile!
Mary Jane

WPC: Elemental

The elements which sorround my life, daily.


You fall back to earth…

In small shimmering droplets.

Refreshing our lives.


In my solitude,

I burn sticks and scented candles.

Breath in… and breath out!


We simply do it.

Whether we like it or not. 



Why do we exist?

Understanding the purpose,

A mind-blowing art.